Megan H. Luttrell

Primary office:
Wescoe Hall
Room 2122
University of Kansas
1445 Jayhawk Blvd
Lawrence, KS 66045

Office Hours:

By appt.


Teaching Workshops Attended

  • Project GO Pedagogy Workshop, KU (May 2015)
  • Improving Research Impact and Visibility, KU (Sept. 2014)
  • University in the Art Museum: Perspectives on Representation & Identity, KU (Sept. 2014)
  • STARTALK: Transitioning to Teaching Online, University of Minnesota (Summer 2014)
  • Project-GO Pedagogy Workshop, KU (May 2014)
  • Managing the Paper Load, KU Graduate Studies Final Fridays Series, KU (March 2014)
  • Using Film in the Classroom, KU Graduate Studies Final Fridays Series, KU (Jan. 2014)
  • Blackboard Grade Center Workshop, KU, (Jan. 2014)
  • ITCC/CODL: Improving Student Engagement Workshop, KU (Nov. 2013)
  • Project GO Technology Workshop, KU (Sept. 2013)
  • STARTALK Institute for Teachers of Russian, Middlebury College (Summer 2013)
  • American Councils Intensive Russian Language Program, Moscow (Summer 2012)

Courses Taught at the University of Kansas

SLAV 379 Paint to Pen: Russian Art and Literature (Instructor and course designer) (Fall 2015) Winner of KU Slavic Department Syllabus Contest.

RUSS 110 Intensive Elementary Russian Language (Instructor) (Summer 2015)

Textbook: Между Нами (online textbook)

RUSS 152 Online Beginning Russian (Instructor) (Spring 2015)

Textbook: Между Нами (online textbook)

RUSS 150 Beginning Russian Language Online (instructor and course content designer) (Fall 2014)

            Textbook: Mezhdu nami (online textbook:

RUSS 110 Intensive Elementary Russian Language (Instructor) (Summer 2014)

            Textbook: Mezhdu nami (online textbook:

RUSS 104 Elementary Russian Language (Instructor) (Fall 2011)

            Textbook: Nachalo ​Vol. 1

RUSS 108 Elementary Russian Language (Instructor) (Spring 2012)

            Textbook: Nachalo ​Vol. 2

RUSS 104 Elementary Russian Language Discussion Section (Instructor) (Fall 2012)

            Textbook: Nachalo ​ Vol. 1

RUSS 108 Elementary Russian Language Discussion Section (Instructor) (Spring 2013)

            Textbook: Nachalo Vol. 2

RUSS 212 Second Year Russian Language (Instructor) (Fall 2012)

            Textbook: V Puti

RUSS 216 Second Year Russian Language (Instructor) (Spring 2013)

            Textbook: V Puti


Russian literature of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries with a focus on the incorporation of visual art techniques in Russian literature, color imagery, physical movement and the body in Tolstoy and Solzhenitsyn, and Andreev.


Professional Service


  • Graduate student representative, AATSEEL, 2015-present
  • Graduate student representative, committee for undergraduate Russian curriculum 2014
  • Graduate student representative, faculty search committee 2014
  • Ph.D. student representative, faculty meetings 2013-2015
  • M.A. student representative, faculty meetings 2011-2013


  • Slavic Graduate Student Organization
    • President 2015-present
    • Treasurer 2014-2015
  • Russian Club
    • Vice-President 2015-2016
    • President 2013-2015, 2016-present
    • Co-president 2012-2013
  • Led and organized Ukrainian pysanky workshop Spring 2012, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017.
  • Organized Russian folk dance workshop Fall 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016.

Workshops organized at UVM: Russian folk music 2008, Ukrainian pysanky 2009 and 2010, Russian folk dancing 2010




Selected Publications

  • Review of Anna Karenina, dir. Basil Coleman, Tolstoy Studies Journal (forthcoming)
  • Translation of: Vladimir V. Sogrin “Franklin D. Roosevelt and the USSR, 1933–1945. An Interpretation.” New Perspectives on Russian-American Relations. Ed. By William           Benton Whisenhunt and Norman E. Saul. London: Routledge Books, 2015. 212–228. (Co-translated with Luke Franklin, University of Kansas).
  • Translation of: Evgeny V. Khodakovsky and Ekaterina A. Meliukh, “Dmitrtii Mileev and the Restoration of Wooden Architectural Monuments in Early Twentieth-Century Russia.” Russian Review Vol. 74 No. 2 (April 2015) 247–271.
  • Review of: Lucia Aiello, After Reception Theory: Fedor Dostoevskii in Britain, 1869–1935,   SEEJ 58.4 (Spring 2015) 722–724.
  • Review of: Andrew Kaufman, Understanding Tolstoy, SEEJ 58.1. (Spring 2014) 147–148.

Selected Presentations

Invited Talks/ Guest Lectures

  • “A City of Shadows: The Petersburg Myth in the Work of Mstislav Dobuzhinsky,” CREES Brown bag Lecture Series, University of Kansas, Fall 2015.
  • “Slavic Languages: An Introduction,” REES 110: Understanding Russia and Eastern Europe, CREES, University of Kansas, Fall 2015 and Fall 2016.
  • “Discipline and the Docile Body in Tolstoy’s Childhood Boyhood Youth,” Slavic Colloquium, University of Kansas (Slavic Languages and Literatures) Fall Semester 2014.
  • “Scaffolding in Lesson Planning: Teaching Russian as a Foreign Language,” Topics in Russian Language Pedagogy Seminar, University of Kansas (Slavic Languages and Literatures) Fall Semester 2014. (lecture given in Russian).

Selected Awards & Honors

Awards and Fellowships

  • Summer Research Fellowship, University of Kansas Graduate Studies, 2016
  • Award for Outstanding Service by a Graduate Student, 2016
  • Winner of KU Slavic Department Syllabus Contest 2015
  • Norman Saul Travel Award, Fall 2014, 2015, 2016, and Spring 2016
  • FLAS for the study of Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, advanced level, academic year 2014 (forfeited due to late release of funds and opportunity to teach Russian language)
  • Award for Excellence in Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, 2014
  • FLAS for the study of Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian, elementary level, academic year 2013
  • Conrad Travel Award, Fall 2012, Spring 2016
  • FLAS for the study of Russian language, advanced level, summer 2012

Previous degrees: University of Kansas, MA, 2013: Slavic Languages and Literature

                                  University of Vermont, BA, 2010: Russian, history (minor field)

Entered program: Fall 2011

Second Slavic Language: Bosnian-Croatian-Serbian

Conference Participation:

  1. AATSEEL 2012, "A Hierarchy of Hues: Color Imagery in Tolstoy's Anna Karenina"
  2. GAGS 2014 "Freedom in the GULag Experience: Grossman's Everything Flows and Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward"
  3. AATSEEL 2015 "Discipline and the Docile Body in Tolstoy's Childhood Boyhood Youth"
  4. AATSEEL, Austin, Jan. 2016. “Using Между нами (Mezhdu nami): Benefits, Challenges, Outcomes." (Forum participant).
  5. ASEEES, Washington D.C., Nov. 2016. “The Defense: Nabokov’s Cubist Novel.



KU’s Center for Russian, East European and Eurasian Studies program is one of only 12 federally-funded national resource centers in the US
Only doctoral program in Slavic Languages and Literatures between the Mississippi and the West Coast
100% of graduate students in the Slavic program had funding in academic year 2012-13
KU's Libraries house over 500,000 volumes of Slavic books and electronic editions
Two of the department’s last four doctoral candidates have won a Fulbright grants to conduct dissertation research abroad